Spinners World is bringing our renowned Caribbean REV and cardio workouts to your home.  Our vibrant team of certified, experienced and energetic instructors invite you be part of this ultimate virtual experience.

Spinners World Ltd.

Your Journey to fun and fitness.


Healthy Heart

Spin is a cardio excercise that helps strengthen your heart, lungs and blood vessels to move oxygnated blood through your body.

Relieves Stress

 Spinning makes your body release feel good hormones that can help fight depression, increase focus and improve  your mood.

Build muscle

Spin works out muslces in your legs and core, making you lighter on your feet and improves your posture.

Burn Calories

The high-intensity cardio exercise is an effective and efficient way to burn calories, and the pedaling gives you some resistance training with proper form and technique.

Fun & Excitement

Working out to the pulsating rhythms of various genres of music, especially Caribbean Soca, provides for a true enjoyable experience – igniting your happy endorphins


Join our fitness classes and discover a new journey to a fun and healthy lifestyle

How to get a membership

Get a membership

  • Log on to https://spinnersworldtt.com/
  • Go to “Online membership”
  • Select the membership of choice
    • Day Pass TT$25 (24 hours)
    • Monthly Pass TT$200
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Book a class

  • Go to “Book a class”
  • Select a class o classes of choice based on your membership subscription
  • Confirm

Live Class

  • Go to “My Bookings”
  • It is recommended that you join 30 mins before class time
  • Expand Class Detain by selecting >
  • Click on Zoom link *Join Zoom Meeting*
Your zoom session will open and you will be admitted based on membership and validity


  • Go to “Library”
  • Name and details of classes provided
  • Select class
Participate and enjoy!

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  • Click “Reset Password”
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Step 2

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About Us

Spinners World was formed in November 2006 and is regarded  as the premier indoor Cycling Center in Trinidad and Tobago.  

We have a vibrant team of certified, experienced and energetic instructors who tailor to suit the needs of each member towards fulfilling their various expectations and goals.

We have managed to take indoor cycling to another level, where we pioneered and hosted the “Rev-A-Thon” competition for 7 consecutive years.  This national event saw hundreds of competitors competing to be the top indoor cyclist.

We continue to host many charitable events as we and our members believe in giving back to the less fortunate throughout the years. 

Spinners World is so much more than spin, we offer various cardio type classes, from TRX, Kettle Bell, Cross Training and Yoga. 

Due to the onset of Covid 19 Pandemic, we have closed our doors in our physical space and moved into another realm of virtual exercise.

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